Select Clients

Select Clients

(not listed in any particular order)

  • Teachers College at Columbia University (interim executive leadership for major gifts)
  • American Heart Association, Heritage Affiliate (assessment of major gifts, development of business plans for (a) major gifts and (b) high level volunteer non-fiduciary board)
  • Health Power (leadership development, case)
  • Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (capital campaign feasibility assessment)
  • Stony Brook University/SUNY (capital capital campaign executive training for wealth recognition and solicitation skills)
  • American Fund for UNICEF (major and planned gift training for senior executives)
  • YMCA Camp Speers (capital campaign)
  • Cheshire Academy (capital campaign feasibility assessment, planned giving, general fundraising counsel)
  • Shore Line Trolley Museum (two capital campaigns, board training, governance, planned giving, board retreat, staff coaching, general fundraising counsel)
  • John B. Pierce Laboratory (leadership assessment, case, executive coaching)
  • Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (capacity building for more than 50 constituent organizations in governance and fundraising)
  • Agency on Aging (case, new donor development, board training)
  • Greater New Haven Labor History Association (governance, board building strategies, development program launch)
  • Edith B. Jackson (board training, stewardship and cultivation program, case)
  • Danbury Children First (governance, community outreach, board retreat)
  • Music Haven (governance, community outreach, stewardship, board training)
  • Columbus House (governance, strategic planning)
  • ‘r kids (case, governance, board training, campaign feasibility study and planning, general fundraising counsel)
  • Project Access (case, governance, stewardship)
  • Beth El Center (governance, board engagement in fundraising)
  • Shoreline Arts Alliance (case, governance, annual fund, planned giving, board and executive coaching)
  • Women & Family Life Center (board retreat, case, strategic fundraising)
  • Stephens Village (case, governance, strategic planning, leadership development, general fundraising counsel)
  • Center Stage Theatre (governance, strategic fundraising, community outreach, board retreat)
  • Citywide Youth Coalition (leadership development, community outreach, case, general fundraising counsel)
  • Connecticut Foundation for Dental Outreach (strategic fundraising, governance, stewardship, board retreat, fund development plan)
  • Friends Center for Children (governance, fundraising strategies)
  • Guilford Art Center (strategic plan, operations plan, fund development plan, governance, fundraising, board retreat)
  • LEAP (governance, strategic fundraising, planned giving, stewardship)
  • New Life Corporation (governance, fundraising, community outreach)
  • Rape Crisis Center of Milford (governance, stewardship, strategic fundraising, executive coaching, board retreat)
  • Guilford Center for Children (mission statement, community outreach, fundraising strategies)
  • DataHaven (governance, fundraising, board training, staff mentoring)
  • Get In Touch Foundation (strategic planning, executive coaching, governance, fundraising strategies, board retreat)
  • Danbury’s Promise (board retreat, strategic planning)
  • TEAM Community Action Agency (governance, fundraising, annual and planned giving strategies, community outreach, staff mentoring)
  • Boys and Girls Club of Lower Naugatuck Valley (board succession plan, governance, annual, major gift and planned giving, general fundraising counsel, executive coaching)
  • New Haven Ballet (fundraising strategies for short and long term revenue, governance)
  • Shoreline Village (governance, upper level annual giving society, major gifts, planned giving)
  • Leila Day Nursery School (capital campaign assessment and planning)
  • Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (organizational capacity assessment, fundraising strategies, governance)
  • Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Programs (fund development plan, plan implantation, board retreat, executive coaching, governance)
  • Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (capital campaign)
  • Adult Learning Center (strategic plan, fund development plan, operations plan, board retreat)
  • Seymour Ambulance Association ( planned giving, case, annual giving strategies)
  • Elm City Dance Collective (governance, case, new donor development strategies)
  • Autism Services Assoc. (governance, board strategies)
  • Greater Middletown Chorale (mission statement, governance, fundraising)
  • Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (governance, fundraising strategies)
  • Read to Grow ( governance, board building strategies, stewardship, board fundraising tactics, giving society)
  • Orchard House (board building strategies, board fundraising tactics, governance)
  • Greater New Haven Transit District Foundation (board strategies, case, qualifying prospects)
  • Christian Community Action (governance, strategic planning, board committee structure, launching a new development committee, engagement of board members in fundraising, stewardship)
  • Whitney Center (annual and major gift fundraising strategies, organizational management, governance)
  • Acts 4 Ministries (board recruitment strategies, launching new governance committee, case, executive coaching, board mentoring)
  • Valley United Way (governance, strategies for board fundraising)
  • IRIS ( planned giving strategies)
  • Clark Memorial Library of Bethany ( governance, board evaluation, board gap analysis, strategies for board recruitment, solicitation strategies, planned giving)
  • CT. Mental Health Foundation (effective board fundraising, case, strategic plan, governance, campaign feasibility, planning and execution)
  • Julia Day Nursery School (bylaws, board roles, board recruitment strategies, annual giving tactics)
  • Moreau Emergency Squad (capital campaign assessment and management, community outreach, strategies for leadership building, annual fund)
  • Songcatchers ( strategic plan, operations plan, succession plan)
  • Bridges (governance, board engagement in fundraising, board recruitment strategies, community outreach, board retreat)
  • Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology (board self assessment, board engagement in fundraising, capital campaign preparation, strategies to strengthen the annual fund)
  • Hope After Loss (executive succession strategies, board recruitment strategies, governance)
  • Masters Manna (community outreach, corporate strategies, board recruitment strategies)
  • New Haven Chorale (governance strategies, board recruitment strategies, tactics for maximum board-executive director function, planned giving)
  • Solar Youth (board engagement in fundraising, major gift strategies, board recruitment strategies, tactics for an effective development committee)
  • Shoreline Soup Kitchens (board engagement in fundraising, planned giving strategies)
  • Greater New Haven Business and Professionals Assoc (governance, board recruitment strategies, strategies for major fundraising event)
  • Crossroads (board roles, governance, fundraising, executive coaching)
  • Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven (mini capital campaign)
  • City University of New York-CUNY (staff retreat, SWOT analysis)
  • Schooner, Inc.(strategic plan, board retreat, merger, general governance and fundraising counsel)
  • Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers (strategic plan)
  • New Haven Farms (board governance, annual fund)
  • American Red Cross of CT (governance, board roles in fundraising, governance)
  • Beulah Land Development (structuring the the board and streamlining the operation)
  • New Haven Free Public Library (building an effective major gifts platform, planned giving)
  • Friends of New Haven Legal Assistance (board engagement in fundraising, building a sustained annual fund, preliminary preparation for capital campaign)
  • New Haven Reads (bylaw revisions, board roles, launching effective and impactful governance committee, building an effective fundraising initiative, planned giving, board recruitment tactics)
  • Guilford Foundation (case for support, launching a board-driven fundraising initiative, solicitation training-The Art and Science of the Ask)
  • Wallingford Public Access TV and Media Center (bylaw revisions, board gap analysis, board roles, revenue enhancement strategies)
  • Charter Oak Cultural Center (capital campaign assessment, planning, execution)
  • New Haven Family Alliance (governance, board engagement in major gift fundraising, board retreat, executive coaching)
  • Literacy Volunteers for Southern CT (governance, corporate fundraising tactics, annual fund)
  • Wallingford Early Childhood Alliance Resource and Education (strategic plan)
  • Lung Transplant Project (governance, executive coaching, executive search)
  • Junta for Progressive Action (governance, executive coaching , board coaching, strategic plan)
  • Arts in Connecticut (governance, annual fund)
  • The Ridgefield Playhouse (capital campaign planning)
  • The Marfan Foundation (capital campaign assessment)
  • Weston Volunteer EMS (capital campaign assessment)
  • EcoWorks (strategic plan, executive coaching, board retreat)
  • Arts for Learning CT (governance, board development, strategic plan, board retreat)
  • Scranton Memorial Library (fundraising plan, executive coaching
  • North Central Area Agency on Aging (fundraising, board leadership, planned giving)
  • Pivot Ministries (board retreat, development plan, executive coaching)
  • Bridges (governance, board engagement in fundraising, board recruitment strategies, community outreach, board retreats, strategic plan, executive and board coaching, executive succession plan)
  • College of New Rochelle (prospect research)
  • Supportive Housing Works (board retreat)
  • Squash Haven (planned giving)
  • Mary Wade  Home (board engagement in fundraising)
  • Community Soup Kitchen (planned giving)
  • Visiting Nurse and Hospice of Fairfield County (capital campaign assessment)
  • Massaro Farm (governance, merger)



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