“Working with Bob was a great experience.  When he takes on a project, he treats it as if it is his very own.  Bob has the ability to immediately connect with people to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.  His combination of enthusiasm and knowledge of the project coupled with his warm personality results in the highest level of achievement.” – Len Fasano, State Senate


“Bob is a quintessential professional. He knows how to speak plainly, get things done and use his considerable expertise for the good. If you are looking for someone to help with strategy, fundraising or just plain old-fashioned ‘smart thinking’ – he should be your go-to person.” – Carol Davidson,   President and Founder, Wealth Right Philanthropy at Work


“My nonprofit organization has worked with Bob for over four years to raise $2,000,000 to fulfill our largest and most amibitious fundraising campaign ever. Further, Bob helped us to move forward to become better organized in our fund raising department. We now follow a set plan for soliciting donations, which have almost doubled in the past year.  Also, we created a legacy society for estate giving and a community council for community outreach.  What we liked most about Bob is that  he has played a major role in furthering the mission of our organization.” – Wayne Sandford, Trustee and General Manager, Shore Line Trolley Museum


“The guidance and support that was provided by Bob to our organization, was truly helpful as he facilitated our Board of Directors and Leadership staff in restructuring our committees and improving on the quality and effectiveness of each.” – Shaye Roscoe, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley


“Since meeting with us several times as a consultant with the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, Bob has always graciously made himself available for further consultations as issues arose. He has given most generously of his time and expertise.” – Joan Cavanagh, Archivist and Director, Greater New Haven Labor History Association


“Bob gave Project Access (us) his best. It was clear from the start of working with him that he was experienced and knowledgeable in many areas including board governance and fundraising. While Bob has worked with many large successful organizations, he was patient, calm and gracious while working with us, a small newly formed non-profit organization.  He helped put us on a course of clear organizational governance and a sure footing for our future that has allowed us to move forward collaboratively to work towards being a mission driven, well-governed organization.” -Darcey Cobbs-Lomax, Executive Director, Project Access 


“As an Executive Director, it had been very challenging for our Board to feel confident in their presentation of the organization and its complexity. By developing “The Case”, not only did we have a the opportunity to exchange perceptions, but we successfully came up with a very powerful tool for our organization. Through active brainstorming and a variety of role plays and scenarios, the Board enhanced their internalization of the agency’s mission. “The Case” has afforded each of us to have a solid and well-constructed baseline from which to further expand our visibility within the broader community, and propel the financial stability and growth of the organization.” -Randi S. Rubin Rodriguez, MA, Executive Director, ‘r kids Family Center


“Bob Serow lives with great integrity and reverence. In business he carries himself in this manner and is a consummate professional with an eye on every detail. He allowed us to discover for ourselves the ‘truths’ we were looking for, and designed a strategic plan to help us quickly reach our goals. Kudos, Bob! He receives the highest recommendation possible. Meet with him and you’ll know our ‘secret to success’. ” -Steve Rivkin, Board of Directors, ‘r kids Family Center


“When thinking about Bob Serow you find an insightful, thoughtful and energetic individual who can focus, engage and motivate a Board of Directors to accept its most important duty: fundraising.  His thoughtful ideas and gentle nudging makes the challenging responsibility “simpler” and “easier” to accomplish.  His assistance is greatly appreciated.” -Edwin V. Selden, ‘r kids Family Center


“Bob Serow worked as a consultant with our board of directors following a development workshop provided by the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. We then contracted with him to assist us with updating our strategic plan, collaborating closely with a smaller committee of board members and staff. He helped guide us through the process of establishing priorities and identifying achievable outcomes,  to create a living document that will guide the board as a whole in its direction and vision for the near future.”Maureen Belden, Executive Director, Guilford Art Center


“Bob Serow is knowledgeable, professional and focused.  His experience and expertise are valuable assets that have helped us to understand how to think through our aspirations, and to aim much higher than we would have thought possible before working with him.” –Gladys Deutsch, Executive Director, Leila Day Nurseries, Inc.


“Bob Serow has always been a pleasure to work with. His thoughtfulness and diligence make for an effective combination when it comes to getting the job done.” -Rep. James M. Albis, 99th District – East Haven


“Bob is an astute and knowledgeable fundraising professional, with strong technical acumen and an intuitive understanding of nonprofit structural needs on various levels.  From board development to leadership training to gift solicitation, Bob is a master at helping organizations enhance their missions while meeting their philanthropic goals.” – Diane Bobal, Consultant, Prospect Identification and Research


“On behalf of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, Bob has worked with more than two dozen nonprofits and guided them in the processes around Board development, strong governance and the role of Board as fundraisers.  He adapts his style to work effectively with a wide range of organizations – large and small, established and emerging – but always on task to strengthen the organization.” – Jackie Downing, Program Officer, The Community Foundation 


“The Board of Directors of Citywide Youth Coalition worked with Bob Serow over the course of several months to develop a case for support.  Because our work is not “direct services,” we spent considerable time defining our impact in ways that is useful to our many stakeholders. Bob worked skillfully with us all, and provided clear suggestions and next steps for our development work. He provided background reading materials and was diligent in moving our work forward, step by step. The Board and I responded very positively to him and took leaps forward, because of his thoughtful manner and expertise.” – Rachel Heerema, Executive Director, Citywide Youth Coalition


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